This hilarious satirical sketch comedy web series is a candid look into the the sexy and chaotic lives of parents.

‘Sex and the Single Parent’ started as a weekly podcast where Precious Chong and Melissa Story spoke to single parents, mostly comedians and actors (but also teachers and writers and other people with real jobs), about their stories of being a single parent.

It was inappropriate and funny and awkward and wonderful. So…

We started getting great ideas for sketches so we asked Sandra Battaglini to direct them. Our first try was a bit of a shit show. We borrowed a camera (from Melissa’s ex, Thank you Brian!) and only spent money on a sound guy since we were trying to cut costs. Our location could only give us a couple of hours, I had to leave to go to an audition, and we both had our kids with us.  It’s one of our most viewed sketch on Funny or Die.  See the link below.


The sound needs to be mixed and the colour corrected but we knew we had more heart than dollars.  Needless to say you get what you pay for…

So…we wrote some more sketches, called on many favors, and hired the amazing Zach Gayne to shoot/edit and audio impresarios Dane Kelly and Anton Delost to do sound. With the help of our many talented friends and family, and under the keen comedic eye of Sandra, we shot some more.

And it was funny, it was weird, it was awkward, it was us!

So, now we are committed to bringing you more Canadian lady fueled sketch comedy.  Subscribe now and enjoy the journey to Single Parent domination with us!